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ITHAKA (JSTOR, Portico, Ithaka S+R)
Creative Director Hackmart
Creative Director Atlantic Records
Art Director Modco Creative
Art Director Ink&Co
Art Director GQ Magazine
Senior Designer






As a multidisciplinary creative director with a penchant for in-depth user research and a passion for telling authentic stories, I have conceived and implemented a wide range of digital, print, packaging and video projects for clients such as Sony Music, Bloomberg, Showtime, Keith Richards, Rolling Stone and The New York City Ballet.


With proven strengths at the nexus of creative execution and business acumen I offer a hands-on, respectful approach to directing and collaborating with creative team members, clients and stakeholders to bring concepts to life.


My goal is to continuously learn new ways to fully understand the user, employ smart design principles, and understand technical possibilities in order to create sharp, results-driven materials, within innovative, meaningful, creative experiences.